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Roll of Sod

Blended Bluegrass for drought, heat and disease tolerance has also been specifically designed for great color and texture. Each roll is 10 sq ft. (2' x 5').

Pallet of Sod

A full pallet of sod consists of 54 rolls of sod for a total of 540 sq ft. The pallet is 4' x 4' and weighs about one ton. A 1/2 ton full size pickup will haul this.

Sod Knife

A must have for self installation! This is the tool used by the professionals. It will give you a nice clean cut around edging, trees and sidewalks. Save your nice kitchen knives!

Pennington Lawn Starter

Excellent fertilizer for establishing your new sod or seed. Great size bag at only 18 lb that will cover up to 5,000 sq ft. This is a 18-24-6 blend. Put this down before you lay your new sod.

Professional Blend Fertilizer

Green-It Fertilizer is a well-balanced fertilizer with a slow release that will keep your lawn healthy and green throughout the year. This is a 24-6-12-6.5Fe blend. This 50 lb bag will cover 10,000 sq ft.

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Weed & Feed

Great fertilizer for helping eliminate broad leaf weeds while nourishing your lawn all with one application. This is a 28-0-4 blend. This 40 lb bag will cover 15,000 sq ft.

Bluegrass Seed

One pound will cover 500 sq ft. This is the same seed we plant in our fields.

Rain Gauge

This will show how much water you are applying to your lawn and help you determine the coverage of your sprinkler system.


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