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Green Hills Sod Farm

Located between Loveland and Longmont, Green Hills Sod Farm, Inc. has been a family owned and operated business since 1965.  We take pride in providing a quality product and exceptional service to individual homeowners, municipalities, school districts, and landscapers.


Sod can make any landscape look beautiful.

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Benefits Of Sod

A well-maintained sodded lawn and landscaping can add 15 percent to your property value. Sod’s cooling effect reduces the amount of fuel needed to generate electricity for air conditioners. Sod is versatile, user friendly and can go most anywhere.

Consider the environmental benefits of sod:

●   Cools the air

●   Produces oxygen

●   Filters air and reduces pollution

●   Captures and suppresses dust

●   Recharges and filters groundwater supply

●   Reduces storm water runoff

●   Controls soil erosion

●   Assists decomposition of pollutants

●   Restores air quality

●   Provides a natural, comfortable and safe setting for family fun and games